June 4, 2023

Rubber hoses are widely used in various industries, such as automotive, manufacturing, construction, and transportation. Due to their long lengths and flexible nature, they require proper packaging for safe transportation and storage. The 1/3 Rubber Hose Wrapping Machine is an innovative product that offers a solution for wrapping rubber hoses efficiently and safely.

The automatic rubber hose wrapping machine is equipped with motor-driven powered conveyors that transfer the hose coils and complete the packing process automatically. This fully automatic operation ensures superior efficiency in the packaging process. It is an ideal machine for high-volume packaging of rubber hoses.

The hose packing machine is designed to operate in both auto and manual work modes. It is equipped with a PLC control and an HMI screen for automatic operation. The machine is easy to operate, simply input the ID, OD, and width of the hose coil, and with the correction value, the PLC will calculate the related parameters automatically. The overlapping ratio and packing tape tension can be adjusted, and the material is cut automatically.

The machine uses photo sensors for detecting and fixing the coil position and automatic positioning. It has an independent control cabinet that is easy for operation and maintenance. The press rollers avoid shaking of the coils during work. The safe guardrails and covers ensure safe operation, and the rollers are wrapped by polyurethane, which can protect the product effectively.

The wrapping machine can handle different packing materials such as knit tape, stretch film, and compound paper, with a maximum width of 100mm, an OD of ≤300mm, and an ID of 55mm. The machine is available in two models GW200 and GW300, with a coil width of ≤200mm and ≤300mm, respectively. The coil OD ranges from 300-500mm to 300-600mm, and the coil ID is ≥200mm and ≥250mm, respectively. The machine’s power output is about 1.0kw for GW200 and 1.5kw for GW300, with a power voltage of 380V/50Hz/3 phases.

The operation of the 1/3 Rubber Hose Wrapping Machine is easy, and the packaging process is completed in a few simple steps. First, connect the machine to the power supply and rotate the emergency stop switch. Place the coil on the front conveyor, where it can be sensored by the photo sensor switch on the baffle. Fix the wrapping material manually or by a mechanical hand (optional). Switch the Manual/Auto button to Auto position, set the parameter of coil dimensions, ring speed, roller speed, and other parameters needed in HMI. Press the Start button or Auto start in HMI, and the machine starts packing automatically until one coil is packed. Cut off the packaging tape manually or by a mechanical hand (optional) and use adhesive tape or other methods to fix the ends of the tape. Move the packaged object away safely, and the whole packaging process is completed.

The 1/3 Rubber Hose Wrapping Machine is packed securely for ocean transportation, with necessary identification labeling and documentation. The packaging list is prepared by the seller, according to the buyer’s instructions. The seller is responsible for providing the necessary drawings and pictures to facilitate the unloading of the machine and supply any special tools required for unloading.

In conclusion, the 1/3 Rubber Hose Wrapping Machine is an excellent solution for manufacturers and distributors of rubber hoses who need a reliable and efficient packaging machine. It is a fully automatic machine that requires minimal manual intervention, ensuring superior efficiency and productivity. The machine is available at an affordable price, making it a cost-effective investment for businesses of all sizes.