May 29, 2023

Jinglin is a renowned packing machine manufacturer that provides a series of uniquely designed and manufactured packing machines. With state-of-the-art technology, Jinglin offers various controls for wrapping the stretch film and paper roll at designed wrapping tension and for different wrap configurations. One such machine is the steel coil wrapping machine that is designed and manufactured by Jlpack.

The GD type steel coil wrapping machine is specially designed for metallurgic industries, and it can be widely used for automatic packing of steel coils, copper coils, aluminum coils, steel wire coils, copper wire coils, cable coils, and other coiled objects. This machine makes the product well-protected, sealed, waterproof, dustproof, rustproof, and convenient for transportation. The steel coil packing machine can extensively improve the packing efficiency and save labor cost.

The steel coil wrapping machine has a top-opening structure convenient for loading by crane. It has a PLC program for automatic control that assures standardized, modular design, stable performance, and convenient maintenance. The machine has a steady tension control system, an adjustable film overlap, and a humanized structure that ensures safe and convenient operation.

The turning ring height of the machine is adjustable to suit objects with different ID and OD. The rollers are wrapped by PU to protect the products effectively. An indicator lamp alarms automatically when trouble occurs, and two different wrapping materials can be wrapped together in one operation. Different packing material including knit tape, stretch film, compound paper, non-woven fabrics, plastic tape, etc., can be used.

The main parameters of the machine include the object width of 10-300mm, object ID of 300-500mm, and object OD of 700-1200mm. The packing material that can be used includes compound knit tape/compound paper, etc. with W: 90mm, ID: 55mm, and OD: 500mm. The roller speed of the machine is about 2.5m/min and rotating speed is 50-60r/min. The roller loading is about 1500kg, and the power output is about 2.2kw. The power voltage is 380V, 3phase 4 wires.

Jinglin has more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing packing machines and holds ISO9001:2000 and CE certifications. The company can provide reliable and high-quality products, custom-built machines according to specific requirements, powerful technical support, and a long-term, reliable, and friendly partnership. Apart from the steel coil wrapping machine, Jinglin also provides other customized packing machines, including Strand wire wrapping machine, FZ-15 turnover machine, plastic pipe wrapping machine, roll shrink packing machine, steel wire packing machine, automatic mold tilter, and many more.

In conclusion, the steel coil wrapping machine by Jinglin is an excellent choice for metallurgic industries that require automatic packing of coiled objects. With its state-of-the-art technology, steady tension control system, adjustable film overlap, and multiple wrapping material options, the machine offers a reliable, efficient, and convenient solution for packing.

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