May 29, 2023

New Strand Wire Wrapping Machine Increases Efficiency for Large Coils

Jinglin has designed a new strand wire wrapping machine for packing strand wire coils or pre-stressed wire coils with big diameters. This machine solves the problem of traditional manual packing, as it greatly improves the packing efficiency and flexibility of operation of even the largest of coils.

The main wrapper engine is able to move for flexible operation of coils, which eliminates the need for multiple machines or manual labor. The horizontal packing type machine features well-known brands for its main components and track, which has a movable wrapping unit for loading different coils without damaging them. It is designed to be easily customized for extra large strand coils and can be controlled automatically via the PLC & HMI, which enables operators to enter the diameter and width of the coil to set all parameters automatically.

In addition, the machine boasts a converter that can change the overlapping rate of wrapping tape for different needs, and also features a tension adjustment in the wrapping material, an automatic wrapping material cutting system, and a special brake to avoid material folding on the ring. The rollers are wrapped in PU to help protect the products effectively. The company also offers both manual and automatic working modes for the convenience of operators.

The machine is mounted on flat and hard ground, where the ground load should be more than 1 ton/m². It is available for custom design to specifically accommodate coil size, but the machine comes with general specifications including:

Object: strand wire coils
Object weight: 500-2500kg
Package width: 150-500mm
Package OD: 1500-2300mm
Package ID: 1000-2000mm
Roller Speed: 2-4m/min
Rotating speed: 40-60r/min
Overlap scope: 30%-70%
Power output: approx. 5.0kw
Power voltage: 380v/50Hz
Packing material: Knit belt/Goffered paper/VCI paper/stretch film,etc
Roll ID: 55mm OD: 550mm Width: 120mm

The datas are only for reference, and may be subject to change depending on the specific object size and the machine model. However, the company assures that it will always deliver high quality, efficient, and reliable machines to help improve the efficiency of your operations.

For more information about the strand wire wrapping machine, contact Jinglin and get your machines today!

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