May 29, 2023

Jlpack has launched a specialized machine for the metallurgic industries known as the 1/3 Welding Wire Wrapping Machine. The machine wraps welding wires, steel wires, steel coils, copper coils, aluminum coils, copper wires, pipe coils, and other coiled objects using a variety of wrapping materials such as stretch film, PE film, woven tape, crepe paper, non-woven fabrics, and plastic tape.

The machine ensures that the product is well-sealed, protected from dust, rust, and waterproof, thus making it convenient for transportation. The use of this machine greatly improves packing efficiency and saves on labor costs.

The welding wire wrapping machine from Jlpack has several notable features, such as the use of high-quality collections from top brands for its main components. It has a top opening structure that makes it easy to load using a crane and can be placed in an in-ground pit for easy operation.

The machine uses a PLC program for automatic program control, and the ring’s height can be adjusted when the wire coil diameter changes to achieve optimal packing performance. The ring and roller speed can be adjusted using converters, while the overlap of the wrapping material is also adjustable by the converters.

The machine has a humanized structure to ensure safe and convenient operation. High anti-friction PU is used for the friction wheels, while the turning ring has a solid whole-casting structure. The rollers are wrapped with PU to effectively protect the products.

The machine has indicator lamps that automatically alarm when there is trouble, and it is capable of using various wrapping materials according to particular needs.

The 1/3 Welding Wire Wrapping Machine from Jlpack has several superior features, including a long service life, reinforcing aluminum cast-solid ring, a nice and firm package for transportation and selling, and it can connect to inline operation. It has high efficiency, a wide range of applicability, an extremely low cost of consumables and energy, operates at low noise levels, has short installation times, a PLC control system, and is easy to operate and maintain.

The machine is also exquisite technologically and conforms to CE and ISO guidelines. It has a model specification of GD300, a vertical wire coil OD of 700mm-1400mm, wire coil ID of 508mm/610mm, wire coil width of 20mm-300mm, wire coil weight of 30kg-2000Kg, among other parameters.

In conclusion, Jlpack’s 1/3 Welding Wire Wrapping Machine is a game-changer in the metallurgical industries. It improves efficiency, saves on labor costs, and protects products effectively from damage during transportation.

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