June 10, 2023

Wire and cable wrapping machines are an essential tool for industries involved in the production and distribution of wires and cables. These machines are highly efficient, replacing traditional manual packing methods, and protecting finished products from water, dust, and crushes. One such machine is the 1/3 Wire and Cable Wrapping Machine, which has been designed to pack various coiled wire and cable products in the horizontal state.

The machine features several excellent collections with high-quality brands adopted for its main electrical parts. The turning speed of the ring and carrier rollers is adjustable by converter, and the overlap of the packing tape can be adjusted by inverters. Additionally, the wrapping tape tension can be adjusted, and press roller and side rollers are adopted to prevent the project from shaking in packing. The wrapping material can be cut automatically, and the supporting rollers are wrapped by polyurethane for protection. The machine also comes with indicator alarms that automatically alert operators when trouble occurs.

The 1/3 Wire and Cable Wrapping Machine supports a range of wrapping types such as GW200-N, GW200-W, GW300-N, and GW300-W. The machine’s coil OD falls between 600-1200mm, and the coil ID must be at least 400mm. The coil width should be less than or equal to 300mm, and the coil weight must not exceed 500KG. The machine supports both manual cutting and auto cutting, and the ring speed is approximately 70 rpm or 80 rpm.

The packing materials supported by the 1/3 Wire and Cable Wrapping Machine include knit tape, compound paper, stretch film, non-woven fabrics, etc., with material widths ranging from 100-120mm or 80-100mm. The material OD should not be more than 450mm, and the material ID must be 55mm. The machine power output ranges from 1.5KW to 2.2KW, and the power supply is AC/380V. An optional pushing-out system, circular labeling system, and synchronous wrapping system are available for customers.

Transportation and packaging of the machinery are essential to ensure that the machine is delivered in pristine condition. The machinery should be properly packed for ocean transportation, with the use of anti-humidity salt to respect the PR China regulation. Any single part of the line, spare parts, or single pieces must be correctly identified for easy tracking on-site, and each package must be correctly labeled according to the packing list. The packing list will be prepared by the Seller, according to Buyer instructions.

In conclusion, the 1/3 Wire and Cable Wrapping Machine is a highly efficient and reliable tool for packing various coiled wire and cable products. It adheres to international standards, providing adequate protection for finished products during transportation and storage. This machine is easy to operate and maintain, making it an indispensable tool for businesses involved in the production and distribution of wires and cables.