June 4, 2023

The 1/3 Wire Coil Wrapping Machine offered by Jinglin is a highly efficient equipment that provides customized solutions according to user’s various specifications of different types of wire coils. This machine is programmed to wrap wire coils through the eye, making the products well-protected from water, dust, and rust, among other elements. The main components used in the machine are well-known brands, which ensure the reliability of the machine.

The machine also comes equipped with a PLC program that allows for automatic operation, and users can choose between manual and automatic working modes as per their convenience. The ring height of the coil packing machine can be adjusted according to the different coil diameter, while the converter is adopted to adjust the speed of the ring and rollers. The packaging tension can also be adjusted using a special breaker.

The wire coil wrapping machine is fitted with a range of safety features, including guardrails and soft starts and stops, which make it safe to operate. The rollers of the machine are wrapped in polyurethane for protecting the surfaces of the coils. Additionally, there is an indicator that alarms automatically when trouble occurs.

The machine is designed to wrap different types of materials, such as stretch film, compound paper tape, and knit tape, among other materials. It comes in two main models – GS300 and GS500 – that can wrap coils of weight up to 500kg and 1000kg, respectively. Depending on the model, the coil width and OD can be adjusted to meet the user’s specific needs.

Jinglin provides sales services that include customized packing solutions, visitation of their factory, consultation support, and sample testing. The company’s after-sales services include installation and commissioning support, a one-year warranty, life-long technical assistance and support, and 24/7 response to any problems that may arise.

In conclusion, Jinglin’s Wire Coil Wrapping Machine is a highly efficient and customizable solution for wrapping different types and sizes of wire coils. The machine is equipped with a range of safety features and provides reliable performance, making it an excellent investment for companies that require an automatic wire coil wrapping solution.