Automated Steel Strapping System by FROMM.

“Exploring FROMM’s Revolutionary Automated Steel Strapping System for Efficient and Cost-effective Packaging Solutions”


This video provides an in-depth overview of FROMM’s Automated Steel Strapping System, which has revolutionized the steel industry by providing an efficient and cost-effective packaging solution.

Video Content:

The video covers the features and benefits of the system, including its fully automated operation, rapid strapping cycle, consistent tension control, and reliable tracking. It highlights how the system can be customized to meet specific layout and packing requirements, providing a flexible and versatile solution for various production processes.

With a focus on increasing productivity and reducing downtime, the system is designed for ease of use and maintenance, minimizing the need for technician intervention. The video showcases the system in action, demonstrating its high-performance capabilities and superior strapping quality.

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