Displaying the Use of a Tool for Tensioning Steel Strapping

Title: How to Use a Steel Strapping Tensioner: A Step-by-Step Demonstration

Introduction: In this video, Complete Packaging Products demonstrates the proper technique for using a steel strapping tensioner. Whether you’re new to industrial packing or just looking to improve your technique, this video has everything you need to know.

Video Content: The video covers everything from selecting the right strapping to setting the proper tension for your packaging needs. Highlights include:

– Choosing the right strapping: Learn how to select the right type and size of steel strapping for your packaging needs, including tips for assessing the weight and shape of your cargo.

– Prepping the strapping: Discover how to properly prepare your strapping for use, including spooling it onto your tensioner and ensuring that it’s properly threaded through the tool.

– Tensioning the strapping: Watch as our expert demonstrates how to set the right amount of tension for your strapping, including tips for ensuring a snug, secure fit that won’t damage your cargo.

– Sealing the strapping: Learn how to properly seal your strapping for a finished, professional look that will hold up to even the toughest shipping conditions.

In just a few short minutes, you’ll be packing like a pro with your new steel strapping tensioner!

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