May 29, 2023

Integrator Matco B.V. brings to you their latest product- crates and boxes filled with chicken products and equipped with loose lids. The Palletising system in cooperation with @Brinky St. Petersburg Rusland ensures that these boxes are perfectly stacked and ready to be transported.

In this video, we will be taking a deep dive into the features and benefits of Matco’s crates and boxes. With a capacity of holding up to 25-30 kilograms of chicken products, these crates and boxes are made with sturdy materials ensuring high durability. We will also be discussing the easy handling of these boxes, which makes them perfect for transportation.

The use of Matco’s products guarantees a safe and secure mode of transportation for all your chicken products. We will also talk about our partnership with @Brinky St. Petersburg Rusland, who has helped us in bringing these products to you with their Palletising system. The Palletising system ensures that the boxes are perfectly stacked and aligned, which reduces any risk of damage during transportation.

At Matco, we always strive towards providing our customers with the best possible solutions. With our crates and boxes, our focus is on providing a high-quality product combined with seamless handling, making the transportation of your chicken products a breeze.

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