Former Daycare Employee Arrested for Assaulting 5-Year-Old Child

In this disturbing video, we witness the shocking behavior of a daycare worker who physically assaulted a 5-year-old child. Tiana McElveen, 24, was arrested on August 20 and charged for hitting and throwing the child while under her care at a facility in Sumter.

The video footage depicts McElveen roughly handling the young child, causing physical harm and distress. Thankfully, the incident was caught on camera and McElveen was brought to justice.

This video serves as a reminder of the importance of monitoring childcare providers and the facilities where our children are placed. It is crucial that parents and guardians remain vigilant and report any suspected abuse or neglect immediately.

We urge our viewers to speak out against violence towards children and to take action in protecting the most vulnerable members of our community. Please like and share this video to spread awareness about this issue.

Tags: daycare, child abuse, childcare providers, Sumter, violence towards children, child neglect

Hashtags: #daycareabuse #childabuseawareness #stopviolenceagainstchildren

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