Mold upenders and lean manufacturing: A perfect match

# Mold Upenders and Lean Manufacturing: A Perfect Match

Are you in the manufacturing industry and working towards optimizing your production process? Do you find that your mold handling processes are slowing down your production line? If so, mold upenders can be an excellent way to eliminate this bottleneck. In this article, we will explore how mold upenders and lean manufacturing can complement one another to help you achieve efficient and effective production.

## What is a Mold Upender?

A mold upender is an ergonomic device that allows for the 90-degree rotation of molds. Mold upenders come in various sizes, but they all share a common main component: two sturdy plates that can withstand the weight of the mold. The mold rests on the plates and is then rotated to the desired angle, making the transfer of the molds quick and efficient.

## Why Use a Mold Upender?

Mold upenders can help you achieve your production goals. Here are some reasons why you should consider using mold upenders:

### Increased Efficiency

Using mold upenders can facilitate the rotation and transfer of molds. This increased efficiency will save you time and increase your productivity. With less time spent on manual labor in handling molds, you can focus more on other aspects of the production line such as quality control and production planning.

### Reduced Risk of Injury

Traditional manual handling of molds can contribute to musculoskeletal disorder and other injuries. With mold upenders, you reduce the risk of injuries that can occur in the manual handling process. Moreover, the ergonomics of a mold upender can help to reduce the likelihood of worker fatigue, reducing the number of sick days.

### Improved Quality

With mold upenders, molds move effortlessly, reducing the risk of damage during transfer. Thus, your operations see improved quality control, less waste, and minimal losses.

## Lean Manufacturing and Mold Upenders

Lean manufacturing, also known as Lean Production or a Lean Management System, emphasizes eliminating inefficiencies in production processes, with the ultimate goal of reducing waste and increasing profits. Adopting lean principles can lead to improved flow, productivity, and quality. Lean manufacturing is, therefore, an excellent complement to the use of mold upenders in your manufacturing process.

### Minimizing Waste

Mold upenders not only reduce the risk of damage to your molds, but they also help to reduce waste. Using mold upenders during the mold transfer reduces the time and labor needed, which can help to cut down on wasted time and scrap losses.

### Optimal Efficiency

Mold upenders complement lean manufacturing principles, as they make mold transfer more efficient, thus eliminating waste. Lean manufacturing advocates for participating in Kaizen events (continuous improvement), where each team member identifies an issue, and together find solutions to eliminate wastes. Adopting mold upenders allows you to quickly implement changes and eliminate wastes that team members might identify in Kaizen events.

### Reduced Costs

With maximum efficiency and reduced waste, lean manufacturing in combination with mold upenders can help to substantially reduce the costs of production. When production costs are reduced, more money can be allocated to innovation and other areas of the business that can ultimately improve the quality of the product.

## Conclusion

In conclusion, mold upenders and lean manufacturing make an excellent match for optimizing your production line. Mold upenders can save time, reduce the risk of injury, and improve the quality of your products. Lean manufacturing is an excellent way to eliminate waste, lower production costs, improve output, and product quality. To reach your production goals, consider incorporating mold upenders alongside lean manufacturing principles.

## FAQs

1. How does a mold upender work?
A. The mold upender consists of two plates where the mold is placed and rotated 90 degrees, making the transfer of the mold quick and efficient.

2. What is Lean Manufacturing?
A. Lean Manufacturing is a production strategy that emphasizes eliminating inefficiencies in production.

3. How does using mold upenders reduce waste?
A. Mold upenders reduce waste by minimizing the potential for damage, reducing the time and labor needed, and increasing efficiency.

4. Can I use mold upenders in any industry?
A. Mold upenders are specifically designed for the manufacturing industry, and they work well with molds used in plastic, food, and other industries.

5. Are there safety risks associated with mold upenders?
A. Mold upenders are designed to promote safety and ergonomics in the workplace by reducing the risk of injury that can occur through traditional manual handling. Nevertheless, it is essential to ensure your team members receive training on safe operation of the equipment to reduce safety risks.

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