Smarter Wrapping for Profiles and Mouldings with Robopac Spiror 400 DR

Looking for an intelligent and adaptable solution for packing your profiled products and mouldings? Look no further than the Robopac Spiror 400 DR (Double Rouleau) – the ultimate banding machine for all types of production lines.

With its innovative design and advanced software, the Spiror 400 DR can handle even the most complex packing applications. Its robust construction and high-performance double roller system ensure precise and consistent banding, while its user-friendly interface allows for easy customization of everything from banding tension to wrap pattern.

No matter what your industry or production needs, the Spiror 400 DR can handle it all. From extruded profiles and window frames to metal and plastic parts, this versatile banding machine is the perfect solution for fast, efficient, and reliable packing.

So why wait? Take your packaging game to the next level with the Spiror 400 DR today!

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