“Efficiently Wrapping a Toddler with a Stretchy Wrap in Pocket Wrap Cross Carry (PWCC)”

Looking to use a stretchy wrap for your toddler? In this video, a Certified Babywearing Consultant demonstrates how to use a stretchy wrap (such as a Moby, Boba, Solly, or Wrapsody) with a toddler using the Pocket Wrap Cross Carry (PWCC) method.

This video provides valuable tips and techniques for parents who are interested in babywearing. It covers the key points of the PWCC method, including how to safely and comfortably carry your toddler in the wrap, how to create the right tension, and how to adjust the wrap as needed.

If you’re new to babywearing and are looking to use a stretchy wrap for your toddler, this video is a must-watch. You’ll learn how to properly position your child in the wrap, how to distribute weight evenly, and how to keep your child safe and secure.

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