September 24, 2023

Dr. Rowe demonstrates how to alleviate psoas muscle and hip flexor pain quickly. Many people overlook the tight psoas muscle as the cause of their discomfort, so Dr. Rowe provides insights into how to loosen this often-neglected muscle. This video is 1000 words in English and focuses on “How to Fix a Tight Psoas Muscle in 30 SECONDS.”

In this video, Dr. Rowe discusses the significance of the psoas muscle and how it connects to the lower back and hips. He highlights the common symptoms of a tight psoas muscle and demonstrates how to alleviate pain with a quick but effective stretch.

If you are experiencing constant discomfort in your lower back and hip area, this video is a must-watch. Dr. Rowe provides valuable insights and actionable tips to help alleviate tension in the psoas muscle. By following his advice, you can potentially experience a significant reduction in pain in just a few seconds.

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