“Maximizing Efficiency with the Latest Blister Packaging Technology: A Video Demonstration”

In this video, we will take a look at the Automatic blister machine MN-65, a cutting-edge solution for packing tablets, gelatin capsules, and dragees into blisters. This machine boasts a maximum blister size of 80×75, making it an efficient and reliable option for large-scale production needs.

Video Content:
First, we see the MN-65 in action, as it quickly and accurately packs tablets into individual blisters. The machine’s advanced technology ensures that each blister is filled precisely, with no spills or waste. This makes it an ideal choice for pharmaceutical companies, where quality control and precision are of the utmost importance.

Next, we see the MN-65 efficiently packing gelatin capsules into blisters. Despite their delicate nature, the machine handles these capsules with ease, ensuring that each capsule is carefully placed and protected within its assigned blister.

Finally, we see the MN-65 packing dragees, showcasing the machine’s versatility and adaptability. The ability to pack a wide range of medication types and sizes is a considerable advantage for pharmaceutical companies, making the MN-65 a valuable investment for any organization seeking an efficient and reliable packaging solution.

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