Fully Automated Inline Strapping with UATRI-2 XT Technology

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Title: “Revolutionize Your Corrugated Cardboard Industry with UATRI-2 XT – Fully Automatic Inline Strapping Machine”


Explore the supreme automated strapping capabilities of UATRI-2 XT that will revolutionize your corrugated cardboard industry for optimized bundle strapping.

Video Content:
The UATRI-2 XT is a fully automated inline strapping machine utilized to streamline and optimize the corrugated cardboard industry. This machine boastfully operates with a user-friendly interface and can handle high-speed bundle strapping with precision and efficiency.

The UATRI-2 XT offers versatility in bundle strapping with adjustable strap tensions, widths, and positioning to accommodate diverse corrugated cardboard packing types. Its automatic strapping eliminates the need for manual interference, reducing machine downtime and operator fatigue.

The machine is also equipped with smart strapping sensors that detect the operation status and accurately identifies any mishaps or errors in the strapping process.

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