“Co-Creating with AI: Enhancing Generative Models for Human Interaction in HAI-GEN 2023 Workshop at IUI 2023”

Title: Recent Advances in Generative AI through Deep Learning and GANs

Description: Are you curious about the latest developments in AI and deep learning? In this video, we explore the cutting-edge techniques being used to create generative models through approaches like generative adversarial networks (GANs) and variational autoencoders (VAEs).

Our expert presenters will walk you through the latest research and practical applications of these powerful tools, including their use in image and text generation, as well as music and video synthesis.

You’ll learn about the challenges and opportunities presented by this exciting field, and gain insights into the ways that generative AI could transform a wide range of industries and domains.

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Tags and Keywords: AI, machine learning, deep learning, GANs, generative models, variational autoencoders, image generation, text synthesis, music synthesis, video synthesis, technology, innovation, industry, transformation.

Hashtags: #AI #deeplearning #GANs #generativemodels #technology #innovation #industry #transformation

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