Securing Coils of a Flexible Toy

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Title: How to Secure Slinky Coils: A Step-by-Step Guide

Description template:

In this video, watch as Joseph, a Load Securement Manager, explains the proper securement process for slinky coils. Learn how to secure these unique and challenging loads with a step-by-step guide that ensures safety, compliance, and efficiency on the road.

Video Content:
In this video, Joseph covers essential tips and tricks for securing slinky coils, including selecting the proper equipment, calculating working load limits, and positioning loading points. He also demonstrates how to use ratchet straps and chains to secure slinky coils effectively and protect them from damage during transportation.

H2 Title 1: Equipment
When it comes to securing slinky coils, having the right equipment is crucial. Joseph discusses the different types of straps, chains, and binders and explains how to choose the right ones for your load. He also covers terminology, such as working load limit (WLL) and break strength, and gives tips on how to calculate WLL for slinky coils.

H2 Title 2: Loading Points
Knowing where to position loading points is also essential for securing slinky coils. Joseph demonstrates how to identify the center of gravity of slinky coils and how to use dunnage to protect the coils from damage during transportation.

H2 Title 3: Securing Techniques
Joseph demonstrates how to use ratchet straps and chains to secure slinky coils properly. He provides step-by-step instructions for tightening the straps and chains, ensuring they are in the correct position and at the proper tension.

Securing slinky coils can be a challenging task, but with the proper equipment and techniques, it can be done safely, quickly, and efficiently. Implement the tips and tricks covered in this video to protect your load and ensure compliance with safety regulations.

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