Strapping Machine for Automated Strapping

Title: High-performance Automatic Strapping Machine for Steel Industry



In this video, we showcase a high-performance automatic strapping machine designed specifically for the steel industry. Our machine is equipped with advanced features that are optimized for strapping steel products efficiently and effectively. With this machine, you can achieve a significantly higher throughput and reduce labor costs by automating your strapping process.

Video Content:

Our automatic strapping machine uses 32mm steel straps with a notching sealing system. It is capable of strapping large and heavy steel products with ease, making it an ideal solution for the steel industry. The machine operates at a high speed while maintaining accuracy, ensuring that each strap is placed with precision. Additionally, it is easy to operate, reducing the need for specialized training.

The machine’s advanced features include real-time monitoring of strap tension and adjustable strap tension settings. The real-time monitoring feature ensures that the straps are applied with consistent tension, improving the overall quality of your strapping process. The adjustable strap tension settings allow you to configure the machine to your specific requirements, making it flexible enough to handle a wide range of steel products.


Overall, our high-performance automatic strapping machine is the ideal solution for the steel industry. It is designed to handle heavy and large steel products with ease, while also being highly efficient and easy to operate. If you’re looking to automate your strapping process and improve your throughput, our machine is the perfect choice.

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