die casting mould upender manufacturer

die and mould upender

In the die casting and mould production the handling equipment for rotation and turning is necessary.

Following handling equipment produced by Chinese manufacuter show the ways for the handling possibility.

The different version die casting upender worked in production.

a. Die casting flipper table

It is with two hyddraulic upender table for changing the mould positiong easily.

b. 90 degree die upenders

The most of the upender for die flipping is by mechnical turning machine.

The turning body make by steel frame with motor driving that occupied the 70% market. Adopting gear drive and chain drive mode to meet your loading and unloading requirements.

c. hydraulic type die upender

The cylinder derived by hydraulic system. The table and turning is more simple.

The cylinder number can be 2 or four.

With two flip models upender available for different voltages and frequencies, FHOPE is committed to serving the global equipment industry.

Two types of hydraulic coil loading and unloading equipment with capacities up to (22.6MT).As part of an integrated roll handling system, both styles are designed to roll down and transfer the tray “eyes to the sky” into a roll car.