The exercise

Audio blares from the overhead speakers as the first change files into Honda’s Timmonsville, South Carolina, plant.

Every day, prior to the every day creation conferences, just before the strains commence to run, workers physical exercise collectively for two sound minutes, functioning their fingers, their shoulders.

Every working day, Honda of South Carolina’s producing facility reverberates with the defeat of the audio.

The exercise, Wendell Hughes, manager of environmental, health and security for Honda of South Carolina, states, serves as a warmup for workers obtaining prepared for their shifts.

Much like runners stretch before a race, average physical exercise readies workers for the extreme tempo of the manufacturing flooring.

With Honda running with 52-second method occasions, the danger for ergonomic accidents is higher.

However, this Honda plant hasn’t recorded an ergonomic injuries in two a long time, a achievement Hughes partly attributes to the morning physical exercise.

“It’s just a great way to begin the morning off,” states Hughes, who introduced the concept right after viewing it in motion at 1 of the company’s Japanese amenities. “We’ve put in zero dollars on ergonomic accidents in two years.”

The morning workout is just one component of Honda’s place of work wellness strategy.

“Wellness, it just makes sense,” states Hughes. “If our associates aren’t healthful, it’s heading to be difficult to create a quality product.”