March 21, 2023

SHJLPACK vertical form-, fill- and seal machine meets the greatest demands from the bearing industry. It is definitely the new Automatic bearing Packaging Machines in 2 different construction dimensions – an ideal packaging machine for that bearing industry. The brand new was created in a way that just product, bag style and movie limit the device performance. Uneven form and consistency of items, or using different film isn’t any problem for that Versatility in packaging size, extremely low number of air within the bag and sealing rigidity are guaranteed use. The packaging of mono and laminated films in a variety of thicknesses allows producing varied bag styles.

Automatic bearing Packaging Machines to wrap bearing individually using stretch film, knitted mesh and anti-trust packing paper as packaging material. The benefit is fast packing speed and convenient operation raising the job efficiency greatly and decreasing the labor intensity for those employees. This machine completely replaces the manual wrapping. You can easily ship and store due to excellent packaging results, strong tension pressure, rejecting moisture, stopping dust and safeguarding the top of items.

Automatic bearing Packaging Machines
Automatic bearing Packaging Machines

The continual motion machine was created and designed for optimum performance. It’s outfitted with product recognition sense seal along with high-speed. Once the sensitive electronics picks up small product parts in seal areas the sealing process and also the cutting procedure is interrupted and also the sealing jaws is going to be stopped and moved back. The device creates a double bag that’s released and instantly begins the packaging procedure again. For difficult or very sensitive films, the Automatic bearing Packaging Machines is outfitted using the innovative Sense-Tack-Welding technology. Additionally towards the ceiling temperature, sealing and cooling time parameters, the sealing energy profile can also be enhanced. As all sealing packaging parameters could be modified individually greatest repeat ability and reliability is accomplished. This can lead to a really high machine efficiency degree as high as 98% although creating perfect bag quality. The merchandise area is consequently separated in the drive area, therefore the machine fulfills the greatest hygiene needs although making certain the machine may also be rapidly and simply washed.

The brand new machine series covers two construction dimensions: the 260 for that format size area 60 – 260mm and Automatic bearing Packaging Machines 400 for that format size area 80-400mm. For that frozen food industry, using its high demands on hygiene, versatility and efficiency, but without compromising hygiene, which is the perfect machine.