Customized Steel Coil Tilter Is Utilized

Customized Steel Coil Tilter Is Utilized

Nowadays steel coil tilter is popular applied in the world market. You can use to tilt different specification objects securely, stably and effectively. Be broadly utilized in metallurgy, pressing, metal plate, mould, papermaking, refrigeration, steel belt, steel coil, barrel material, roll material along with other industries. To reach dislocates the item from horizontal to vertical or from vertical to horizontal with 90 degree and 180 degree.

Basic characters of steel coil tilter:                                                                                                                  1. Frequency inverter controls system.

2. Strong gear structure and industry reduction gear box.                                                                   3. Special double chain transmission device.                                                                                             4. Four protective rollers cover with anti-wear polyamide adhesive.

5. Hard and strong machine frame, durable & stable.                                                                           6. Adopted adjustable mechanical pressure system.                                                                               7. Separate control panel is used.coil tiltersSteel coil tilter could be used separately or along with other equipments to become a full automatic wrapping system. Such as extrude machine, roller/PVC belt conveyor, PP/PET belt strapping machine, centering system, horizontal steel coil wrapping machine, pallet wrapping machine, weighting device…

In the market, most of machines are standard, customer can choose the machine directly. While for the special object, size and tilt requirement, what should customer do if the standard machine can’t meet their tilt need? Don’t worry about that! You may hear a word: “cut out garments to fit the body”, right! Shanghai Jinglin Packaging Machinery Co.,Ltd is the outstanding & reliable manufacturer of steel coil tilter, which can help you solve that problem.

Our machines are customized to realize different customers’ tilt requirement. You just need to tell us your coil diameter, length/height, weight, tilt direction and other special tilt need, then we will design and produce the machine accordingly. So we have the FZ-03, FZ-05, FZ-10, FZ-20, FZ-30 coil tilters according to various coil weight. Is it convenient and magical?