Two Modes of Industry Coil Tilters

Two Modes of Industry Coil Tilters

JINGLIN company provides clients a great quality selection of Coil Tilters (Coil Feeders), which are produced from high quality recyclable. This machine includes a hydraulic unit which is often used to alter the positioning of the coil. The gear will come in both stationery and mobile type. Traverse movement from the tilter is thru targeted motor. Mobile type unit finds use within inter bay change in the coil and slanting the coil concurrently.


Coil Tilters is developed, after careful studies from the metallurgical industry, to facilitate the handling of coils


What is the advantage and characters of stationery coil Tilter?

* Fast and simple handling of heavy coils

* Safe handling – reduces the possibility of accidents

* Safeguards staff from repetitive strain injuries

* Minimizes harm to the coils

* Handles coil weight 300-40,000 kg

* Handles coil width 500-3,000 mm


How about the outstanding of Coil Tilter Mobile?

* Mobile coil tilter

* Transports and tilts coil

* Handles coil weights as much as 800 kg

* Adaptable to customer needs

* Tilts coil as much as 90°

* Safe and simple to use and operation


After brief introduce the Coil Tilter Mobile, now let me tell you some details and difference of the Coil Tilter Floor Mounted.

* Floor mounted coil tilter

* Handles coil weights as much as 3,000-20,000 kg

* Tilts coil as much as 90°

* Safe and simple to use

* Could be outfitted with 180° horizontal rotation function

* Modified to AGAB: coil transporter Coil Truck



Coil Tilter Mobile is flexible and Coil Tilter Floor Mounted is stable, this two modes of coil tilter can be chosen according to your actual factory space and tilt requirement. Different weight of coils can be tilt with different mode of coil tilter.


Any technical problem, don’t hesitate to contact JINGLIN, we will help you solve it and offer the best solution for you!