Characters of Steel Coil Tilter

Characters of Steel Coil Tilter

The development of industry steel coil tilter encourages the prosperous of binding machine, online packing machine, strapping machine, stretch film pallet wrapping machine and other machines. To be able to obtain a better development, it ought to be coupled with our national situation and industry actual base.

Steel coil tilter can also be auxiliary equipment for a number of slitting line, kaiping line and winding machine. It’s appropriate for generating the items for 90 degree or 180 degree easier & faster. Making the coils around the tray and convenient for carriage and transportation.

Characters of steel coil tilter:                                                                                                                                       a. Safe and stable. Moving the heavy steel coil by manual is unsafe, and will be easy damage the hoist tool; and the heavier the coil, the harder to operation the machine. The steel coil tilter not only can save space, but also operation simple and easy, can flexible to dislocation the coils from horizontal to vertical and vertical to horizontal. Highly enhance the working efficiency, greatly make sure the security of operation.

b. Compact structure. The machine’s structure is compact, fully consider the coil tilting requirement. It excogitates with low working table height and wide working table size.

c. Self-secure function. Adopt electromagnetic sensor to manage driving motor. When the machine gets into trouble throughout working all of a sudden, it will locked instantly to stop the machine for continuous tilting. This can not appear reverse generating situation, to make certain security operation.

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