Chinese 180 Degree Mechanical Upenders

Chinese 180 Degree Mechanical Upenders

The Shanghai Jinglin Packaging Machinery Co.,Ltd mechanical upender provides an easy and efficient way to upend metal coils, molds, dies and other heavy and bulky loads. Mechanical upenders, sometimes called coil positioners, rotate steel, aluminum & other non-ferrous coils and other loads through 90 degrees and 180 degree. They are used in a variety of production and maintenance applications.

This 180 degree mechanical upender’s capacity is available up to 200 tons along with a variety of usage. Mechanical upenders are available in standard configurations or may be custom engineered for different customers’ particular application.

Design drawing of 180 degree coil upender.jpg
Design drawing of 180 degree coil upender.jpg

180 degree mechanical upenders have a round-shaped cradle that is placed on four machined steel rollers. An electric-powered gear motor driving a single or dual chain sprocket provides the ability to rotate.

Outstanding Features:

  • Upender capacities range from 3,000 to 100,000 pounds.
  • Robust reinforced welded mechanical construction.
  • Flat and durable upender platform.
  • 180 degree upender.
  • Hook structure easy for flexible movement.
  • Complete steel bottom plate.
  • Single or double drive chains are available.
  • Welded steel trucks with four straight tread, strong flanged steel wheels with roller bearings.
  • Fully enclosed right angle drive gearbox with single speed motor and disc brake.