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SPONSORED. REP Introduces the World’s First Electric Injection Molding Machine for Elastomers

Driven by the desire for increased production efficiency and cost control, REP continues to invest in research and development (R&D) and technology to enhance the competitiveness of its customers’ production lines. The newest addition to REP’s lineup of solutions is the EPG machines: a range of compact electric horizontal presses suitable for injecting all types of elastomers. These machines are not only more user-friendly and precise but also more competitive, as they can be customized to meet the specific needs of each customer’s application.

For over 70 years, REP International has been the global leader in injection molding machines for rubber, silicones, and various elastomers. With a network of experts located in subsidiaries and service agents worldwide, REP provides high-quality local support and advice to customers, enabling them to improve productivity and competitiveness.

REP’s main focus is on meeting specific customer requirements and developing tailored solutions to overcome industrial challenges. By combining ergonomics and technologies, REP strives to make plants more flexible, autonomous, and efficient.

In today’s industrial landscape, energy efficiency, waste reduction, data collection, and analysis play crucial roles in reducing environmental impact and improving industrial processes. REP understands this and has designed the horizontal EPG electric range to help plants improve performance and sustainability. These machines have been designed to have a significantly reduced footprint, up to 33% smaller than similar tonnage presses on the market.

EPG machines are specially designed for elastomer applications, offering technical improvements and optimized adjustments that increase overall cycle productivity by over 20%. They are equipped with brushless motors that enable controlled speed and acceleration, along with simultaneous movements. The machines also feature an ultra-accurate FIFO unit, reducing injection time by 60% and cure time by 30%, allowing for faster compound changes and flexible use.

The combination of speed and precision in EPG machines ensures utmost productivity and electrical power performance. Additionally, the machines are 4.0 ready, meaning they are compatible with industry 4.0 standards, allowing for easy integration and data-driven decision-making.

One key aspect of these machines is their eco-friendliness. The machines have an extremely low risk of part contamination due to their oil-free molding area. The reduction in oil volume and the use of air cooling contribute to long machine life, extended maintenance intervals, and up to 50% reduction in energy consumption. Water-free operation further enhances their environmental impact. Moreover, optimization of the molding process limits scrap and helps save around 14% of material during the molding process.

In addition to the machine features, REP also offers other “clean” solutions to contribute to a more sustainable industry. These solutions include flashless molding, recycling of scrap materials, and refurbishing solutions for equipment to extend their lifespan.

REP’s expertise extends beyond machine features and encompasses a holistic approach to sustainability. This makes REP the perfect partner to meet and exceed your application and production requirements. Contact REP today to discuss your specific needs and find the right solution for your business.