March 31, 2023

The very first time, Bosch Packaging Technologies have received the worldwide famous “Red Us dot Award” in the Design Tantrum Inordinate-Crestfallen within the category product design. The independent 38-member jury introduced on March 30 it honors the organization by having an “Honorable Mention” and appreciates the well-performed design achievement from the FPS Combination. The filling and shutting machine for per-sanitized nested syringes, vials and tubes (small glass containers), developed to begin in Florsheim, may be the first machine in the Packaging Technology division to get this important design award.

Steel turnover machines is major employed for generating the heavy articles from one for reds to a different. It’s popular in heavy industries for reducing labor and not waste time. In addition to this, it is also labored and various other machines developing right into a production line.

Steel Coil Turnover Machine / Coil Tilter / Upender
Steel Coil Turnover Machine / Coil Tilter / Upender

Feature of coil tilter

*Multi-speed vector control, smooth and steady

*Electromagnetic stopping motor, if there’s outage within the switching process, the device can automatic securing, then stalling, don’t appear the invert situation

* Can inch to regulate the merchandise turnover degree when under ninety degree, stopping the merchandise to topple and fall affectionate.

*Multiple limit protection security assurance, be outfitted with machinery stop block, if seems the electronic control unstuck additionally, it guarantees the device and operation staff absolute security besides this product has super heavy limit function.

*Cyclical pin gear speed reducer/double row rose bush curler chain and all sorts of bearing, is adopted the famous manufacturer.

* Chain wheel mechanical drive, chain tensioning may change.

* Four transporting idlers may change the interval based on the actual used, guarantee turn round level.

* Could make the vertical type into horizontal type, or result in the horizontal type into vertical type, duty-cycle operation.

*Design the reasonable transmission mechanism box, manual operation, re circulation work.

*Adopt independent control cabinet, enhancing the portability and maintainability. There’s 5-10M drive-by-wire operation between attendant’s ambient and primary engine.

We’re happy concerning the Red-colored dot Award, which underlines our knowledge of the introduction of innovative solutions for that pharmaceutical industry. The award implies that our items are not only seen convincing when it comes to packaging quality. Additionally they stick out worldwide due to their design,” states Klaus, product manager at Bosch .The worldwide experts evaluated as many as 4 928 records from 56 nations. On June 29, the worldwide famous product competition will culminate at a negative balance us dot gala.

The Combination, that was released at Inter pack 2014, offers particular versatility and safety. The device is equipped for 3 different per-sanitized packaging types, in addition to all common filling technologies. Because the first filling and shutting machine of the kind, the combination features a built-in capping station for vials and tubes. Here, the containers are immediately closed after filling to guarantee the greatest pharmaceutical safety. By mixing the device with proven tub and bag openers, in addition to different barrier systems, the combination could be flexibly built-into complete line concepts, while permitting for significant space savings.