January 28, 2023
coil wrapping machine

SHJLPACK is really a hi-tech, packaging engineering group. We’re focused on the study, development, and manufacture of Vertical ring type bearing wrap machine industrial. New items development is really a major factor of culture because it began team consists of 78 senior engineer very best seven engineers. Headquarter be situated in Shanghai, China. We’ve two manufacturing bases as our solid backing. The first is situated in Shanghai about 450m2. The wide range of products allows us to supply our clients with bearing packing machines or complete processing plants. According to our customers’ request and budget, our experts make efficient, reliable packaging solutions. Experienced specialists guidance can be obtained on the telephone, and on the web. A number of engineers are going to be sent towards the quarry site to assist install the customers’ plants. Necessary training about machine daily maintenance to local employees is supplied also.

Vertical ring type bearing wrap machine mainly designed for outside packing of both small and large bearings and other coiled articles such as steel coil, bronze belt, wire material, rubber tube, electric wire cable &etc.

large-size-bearing automatic wrapping machine
large-size-bearing automatic wrapping machine


  1. Horizontal structure, the item makes its way into packing position by hoisting, offering or by manual.
  2. Two modes of tape wrapping structure for choose: tape saved around the ring tape wrapping directly.
  3. PLC & HMI are adopted.
  4. Indicator sensors instantly when trouble happens. Errors could be proven instantly.
  5. The turning ring could be situated instantly and precisely.
  6. Tape paint rollers are adopted for transmission, outer protective paint rollers for defense.
  7. Press curler might be adopted for light objects.
  8. The overlap rate and tension from the material might be modified based on needs.
  9. The ring could be moved for various object ID&OD.
  10. Anti-put on memory is adopted for that friction wheel, ring with integral mould structure.
  11. Synchronous wrapping (2 kinds of wrapping material cooperating) can be obtained.
  12. The organization curler and protective curler are wrapped with memory.

With highly advanced packaging technology, We continues to be devoted to supplying a multitude of Vertical ring type bearing wrap machine solutions for industries all across the global.  Since its establishment in 1989.We generate a high-tech center at the outset of its foundation and have the ability to integrate enterprise standard with domestic and worldwide standard as ISO (Worldwide Organization for Standardization),  and convey exclusive and special bearings wrapping machines with strong energy. More  than 300 new bearings packer are produced  each year, having a more 5 patents growing each year.

Bond with famous biggest companies of Top 50 is extremely favorable for all of us to enhance overall quality and management of  producing Vertical ring type bearing wrap machine . We’ve professional packaging technical machines and repair teams, and 40% in our workers are experienced technical employees who are able to solve any difficulty from clients in very least time rich in efficiency. We  have implemented overall workflow control over items, with documents designed in particulars from incoming materials to finished parts with package to secure precision and success of every step. We passed ISO9001 quality certification in 2013 and located its very own bearing packaging machines inspection center in 2014. For a long time, we  continues to be received and passed many occasions of factory validations from various independent China regulating government bodies.

At present, We provides various types of  Vertical ring type bearing wrap machine with an inner diameter from 200mm to 600mm and accept both OEM and ODM orders. Approximately 80% of our products are exported to Europe, USA and Japan. We have received broad recognition from our customers because Enterprise Resource Planning , Computer Aided Process Planning , Product Data management together with machines are adopted in company to guarantee strict quality control and fast delivery cycles. We have share-holding companies in Shanghai,  offering great convenience to provide you with best quality service.