December 8, 2022
Steel wire coil wrapping machine GW2150

Steel wire coil wrapping machine GW2150

We are an import-export trading company of electrical wires and cables.
I have a project to make the electrical son of great length 10-40 km drum in crown of 100m or 500m (HO7VU 1,5² and 2,5² and HO7VR 6 to 16²).
I am looking for an automatic or semi-automatic wire wrapping machine to make these crowns.
The ideal would be to offer different Ø inside and outside or crown height.
Sorry, the machine must be economical, even used, and quickly deliverable.
Thank you for documenting me and quickly make me a commercial proposal.
Do you have very accurate documentation? a movie of demonstrations? a correspondent in France? in Europe ?