The most challenging stretching and packaging applications

Aluminum stretch wrapper packing machine

The FPC tray is one of the most challenging stretching and packaging applications. Very lightweight, can probably light to 200 pounds, but its height is very high, can be up to 10 feet, the load must be able to stretch wrapping machine to ensure, but because of the reason of not crushed when a bottle is empty, can cause slight tension.

The advantage of using fpc2 automatic pallet packaging is that you can balance this balance well. In this video, we can see that the tall empty bottle is placed on the conveyor belt. Large pallets size can be accommodated in this packaging system. The movement of the rotating ring on the pallet is to move up and down to ensure that there is enough packaging to ensure a light load and to protect the load from dust and debris.

The way the rotating ring is used also needs to be noticed, with very light tension on the film. The stretch film is something akin to a rubber band – once stretched, it wants to go back to its original size. Therefore, to make the tray structure stable, it is necessary to use as little stretch as possible and to achieve the goal of not squeezing the product.

As a fully automatic fpc3, this option almost does not require an operator. After the packaging cycle, the solid plastic film can be provided for the built-in travel cutter and the sealing machine, so that the end of the plastic film can be ensured by strict tail treatment. The feature seems small, and in addition to the competition, automatic pallet packaging can save thousands of dollars a year in film costs.

Service for the beverage industry is ideal for empty bottles, and the type of machine for this type also includes any lightweight or extremely high load. It also has some drug applications.