March 31, 2023
FEATURES of the upender

FEATURES of the upender

Equipment company makes and reform the coil of a complete set of lifting equipment in capacity and the demand of the special application to satisfy a variety of production equipment size. The crane lifting attachments will provide sustainable, safe and highly efficient coil processing.

Narrow coil lifter and tilter can break wide gap between coil size is only 1 1/2 level. Hooks are available in two inches increase in regulation, at the same time can be allowed to deal with different thickness of the coil. Remove any coil, hook down to the foot of the coil in the same horizontal line parallel lines. Coil ID of the feet, can rotate 90 degrees, so that they can ensure that the coil of the adjacent coil to minimise the risk of damage.

Mild to moderate the duty cycle of the upender& tilter operating system or may not be allowed to use electric equipment, equipment model 427 adjustable coil lifter is a good choice. High strength steel hook load can easily adjust the coil’s width, the elevator is effectively used in the narrow aisle is smooth.

The available options

Option 1: crane, basic connection, low headroom, pull the rope through the hook pin cone directly.

Option 2: motor rotation – 350 ° rotating brake ring gear and small gear through reduce machine speed and slip clutch-brake motor. Can a continuous rotation.


Option 3: upender equipment production scale system repeat accuracy + / – 0.1% to 0.5% of the lifting load in 10 pounds is permissible within the limits of growth. Including electronic scoreboard display on access or wireless modem transmission equipment specific parameters to support remote devices, such as a printer, computer, scoreboard, etc.

Option 4: the lights of the various options, all sorts of color can offer an operator in the limited condition be clear at a glance, easy to find in a safe location of the coil.