2015 Steel sheet coil upender

2015 Hot Steel sheet coil upender

The Shanghai Fhope Machinery Co., Ltd.  customized Section Steelcoil Tilter,  Paper Rolls Upender, Panel Turnover Machine,turnover machine is a perfect means to packaging solution within the workplace supplying an easy, safe and efficient the perception of the types of materials handling of mild steel tube mill .The look gives elevated safety and efficiency when performing the tough and hazardous task of separating the steel coils in the transport pallet and the necessity to change orientation from the vertical bore position to some horizontal bore position.Within our category of Section Steelcoil Tilter,  Paper Rolls Upender, Panel Turnover Machine We welcome you to buy this industrial resource Coil Handling Equipment from us, that are manufactured using highly advanced technologies. We stock an extensive range and meet our customer’s requirement promptly.


Machine model: FZ-20

Maximal lifting capacity: 20T

Tilting speed: about 90 seconds ±10%

Power output: about:4.4KW

Tilting angle: 90 degree

Power voltage: 380V/50HZ

Mode of  Operation:

*Coils are loaded to the coil tilter with a forklift or overhead crane.

*The customized coil tilter, upender,turnover machine is securely operated from the remote position and has the capacity to rotate the coil through 90 levels permitting for safe removal in the transport pallet.

*The moved coil could be moved by an  C-Hook and loaded in to the production atmosphere. This safe and simple operation reduces risk on coil changeovers and aids in growing productivity

Technical description:

  • Special double-chain drive is activated through helical gear in the worm-gear reducer
  • Electric control panel
  • Accurate adjustment of floor level
  • Four-roll device, rolls are lined with polymeric coating
  • Drive is equipped with frequency converter.
  • customized coil tilter,upender,turnover machineTilter can be stopped at any tilting angle
  • Emergency stop, interlock for prevention of turn
  • V-shaped platform for coil centering
  • Pit for pallet
  • Pallet centering device for accurate pallet placement
  • Moving platform for bringing a coil to the pallet

Application: steel coils position vary from horizontal to vertical and inversely, with weight from 1.5 to 30 tons.

These  coil tilter,upender,turnover package machine may also be used for various kinds of cargoes causing them to be all-purpose. Use of these tilters enables growing substantially handling works safety and efficiency in addition to enhancing their quality. The  coil tilter,upender,turnover machine design offers electric drive working with supply current from 230 to 460 V.

Industries currently using this Section Steelcoil Tilter, Paper Rolls Upender,Panel Turnover Machine

  • Steel industries – Roofing and roll forming industries
  • Guttering and down pipe manufacturers
  • Sheet slitting and punching stations
  • Paper industries- Paper coil handling: palletizing / de palletizing
  • Wire Rope industries – Wire coil handling: palletizing / de palletizing

Technical date: