upender and tilter hydraulic


Good day for you.

We are planning to purchase 180 Degree mold turnover machine.

Details as follows:

Max weight 20 Ton

180 Degree rotation time – 60 Sec

Driver motor – 7.5 Kw – 1 EA

A&B Table size – 1700 mm * 1700mm

Machine dimension – W 1700 * L 4200 * H 400 mm

(This machine make – Mico, Korea).

Please send your specification details with quote.

Instalaltion & Commissioning charges also need.

1.  The 2 earlier units that we bought, it is using a different type or dimension of Steel and PU, right?  So i think we need to buy 2 types, right?
—–You are right, you need two types.
2.  We plan to buy 8 rollers for the new type machine.  We intend to buy 4 machines.  So 2 rollers spare / machine.
3.  We plan to buy 4 rollers for the older type mahine.  We bought 2 machines.  So 2 rollers spare / machine.

The upender machine works for handling the mold and die, coil and panel, paper bundle and motor…