December 8, 2022
Automatic encrusting Machinery specialises in encrusting machine especially for the bakery and confectionery industry. Our encrusting machine uses advanced technology with the world’s easiest shutter program and ideal shaping filling encrusting shutter.The brand we represent is none other than STM from China. The Best Encrusting Machine and food making machine, is capable of doing producing sensitive, fermented cash goods like breads, doughnuts, Oriental buns as well as other goods of top quality greater than those created by manual encrusting We have a lot more than 20 years of experience in this particular industry. We could provide a destination overall solution for your needs. Go ahead and call us for further product and information demo. 

Placing each dough page allow the machine to function consecutively.The

procedure is simple and user friendly. Both sq or rounded form of a money sheet is accessible.Any

dimensions can be altered by replacing recommended components. 

This portions that touch the surface of a dough sheet are always kept clean, because they are easy to be dismantled and washable.The

minimal adjustment of components is simple and easy.The

inspection and maintenance requirements no special work due to its compact entire body configuration. 

EASY Procedure: Only place filler to filler hopper And set combining cash to higher hopper.TOPPING:Car put on the top of each shaomai,cake, parsty.

OPTION: Connect to tray submitting  and encrusting machine or line up machine.
SANITATION: Washing cleansing readily available.