March 31, 2023

Stretch Film Pallet Wrapping Machine Made For You

Pallet wrapping machine adopts PLC control for automatic operation. The machine is used to pack goods on the stack with LLDPE Stretch Wrapping Film, which makes the goods stable and tidier. Moreover it has waterproof and dust proof effects for storage and transportation. Pallet wrapper can lessen labor density and improve work efficiency, so it is kind of perfect packing equipment for modern enterprise.

Now it has been used widely in food & beverage industry, chemical fiber industry, tobacco industry, publishing industry, refrigeration industry, household appliances industry, ceramics industry, hardware industry, chemical industry, can-making industry, paper making industry…


  • Controller: PLC system
  • Tension control: Pre-stretch controller
  • Operator interface: Separate buttons/Display
  • Wrap settings: Re-wrap function, overwrap and overlap adjustments
  • Wrap counters: Independent top, middle and bottom
  • Electrical disconnect: Lockable
  • Stretch Film (LLDPE): Thickness 0.025mm, Width 500mm, Length 500m-1500m, Weight: 15kg/Roll
  • Film capacity: 500mm width x 76mm dia.
  • Stretch type: Pre-stretch
  • Pre-stretch level: 250% (optional 100% to 300%)
  • Load height sensor: Photocell sensor
  • Electronic stretch film tension control with Analog electronic Sensor provides the ultimate in feedback control.
  • Forklift portable from Front and Backof machine.

Except regular pallet wrapping machine model L2100-J & JL2100-C & JL2100-B, there are some update pallet wrapping machines are available to match with modern industry wrapping requirement: Online JL2100-W pallet wrapping machine, JL2100-X model pallet wrapping machine. They can be match with customer’s production line to be an automatic packing system. Film feeding and cutting are automatic via mechanical hand, it is fast and effective.

On the other hand, these pallet wrapping machine can be connected with other equipments, such as coil tilter, vertical and horizontal orbital wrapping machine, shrinking wrapping machine, stacking machine, forming machine, strapping machine, weighting scale, slope, top platen and etc. Any packing solution needed, you can contact us Shanghai Jinglin Packaging Machinery Co.,Ltd or search our website:, suitable solution will be made for you soon.

Detail description:

1. Components —- Control panel, film carriage and turntableComponents of pallet wrapping machine

2.  Auxiliary Parts —- Slop, Top platen                                                                                                                                 Auxiliary Parts of pallet wrapping machine

Slop is used for heavy products loading and unloading easily. Top platen is used for light products fix and protect.

3. Export loading and packagepacking and loadingexport package