March 31, 2023

Multi-function Upender Made in China

Nowadays, market upender will get more popular then ever in metallurgical market, and now the upender not only can be used independent, but also can be match with other machines to connect an automatic packing line. Such as metallic coil wrapping machine, bearing packing equipment, rotary arm pallet packing machine, plate stacker system, and etc. It’s helpful for dislocation numerous straight and coil products for 90 degree or 180 degree, for example large copper strip, steel coil, lightweight aluminum roll, mould as well as other metallic items.

This upender is composed of: fundation device, two sides of turnover table and remote control panel. Articulated juncture in the center of the applying fundamental, electric and mechanical displacement restrictors adopted to guarantee a safety operation, Motor drive chain structure, oblique gear and worm speed reducer, electric and mechanical displacement restrictors adopted to guarantee a safety operation.

The driven mode of upender might be use hydraulic or electrical. And it will have a groove in the middle of “V” type turnover table, which is easy for coil centering, and make sure security functioning. This upender operation is simple and easy, switches on the control panel with Chinese and English. This upender could greatly lessen carrying out work effort and boost working effectiveness. It may meet various operating necessity for various specs merchandise. Also may be match with other instruments for stable, effective and safe dislocation from vertical to horizontal, or horizontal to vertical.

Coil tilter + Coil wrapping machine
Coil tilter + Coil wrapping machine

Based on its function, it may be split into three modes: steel upender, mould upender and plate upender.

A. Metal upender. The metallic coil raised for that kind operating turnover table for 90-180 degree dislocation, to attain squeeze metallic coil on the lawn sideways.

B. Mould upender. Dislocation the mould -ninety degree to opening and closing the large or midst mould for servicing. It’s really safe, effective and convenient.

C. Plate upender. It’s a specific system used for automatic operation. Dislocation for big plate material, although avoid the plate surface from harmful, but additionally decrease the labor pressure and enhance the working efficiency.

The upender is also can be customized to meet different customers’ product size and turnover requirement, design reasonable and safe than guide technique. If use original manual way of dislocation the above mentioned pointed out products, it possible result in unanticipated accidents, unit crane, broken and unsafe or hoist device shattered.