March 31, 2023

Shanghai Jinglin Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. is really an outstanding manufacturer of pallet wrapping machine in China, using its wide experience with manufacturing wrapping equipment, pallet wrapping machine could be split into two major groups based on different wrap film stretching mode: pre-stretch film pallet wrapping machinery and impeding stretch film pallet wrapping machinery. The more information is as following:

1. Pre-stretch film pallet wrapping machinery: describes wrap the pallet goods based on the predefined extension ratio with the pre-stretch membrane plane. It’s qualities of stretching film easily, beautiful packaging, strong adaptability (ultra light, ultra high merchandise is available), underneath the same condition, pre-stretch film pallet wrapping machine can help save consumables 30-50% greater than impeding stretch film pallet wrapping machine.

2. Impeding stretch film pallet wrapping machinery: describes by modifying the fraction of resistance mechanism, making the wrap film is wrapped round the goods however the speed from the passively pull-out wrap film is reduced compared to pallet’s. Impeding stretch film pallet wrapping machine may use any quality of wrap film or regular plastic film because resistance could be modified. It’s broadly utilized in wrapping heavy items, for instance wooden situation. However, for wrapping lighter and greater goods, it’s not able to attain stability, and also the film consumption is greater.

With the above knowledge of two different types of pallet wrapping machine, when one purchases some pallet wrapping machine regardless of the method is light or heavy, it’s simpler for him to select an effective one for reaching a great packaging effect. Pallet wrapping machine not just affects anti-moisture, anti-dust, anti-moth, anti-damage, etc, but could lower the price improve working efficiency, making the merchandise look more beautiful and tidier. What’s more, pallet wrapping machine can coupled with other machines to create a production line based on specific needs. Using the focus on the packaging, it’s thought the pallet wrapping machinery industry have a vibrant future.