March 21, 2023

Mechanical Mould Tilter/Mould Upender/Mould Tilting Machine


The mechanical mould tilter is principally applied to dislocate and turn-over of heavy object, to create those heavy objects change between vertical and horizontal direction. It is broadly utilized in mold producing industry, injection industry and die-casting industry. For vertical die press machine, FZ-01 to FZ-20 mechanical mould tilter is indispensable auxiliary equipment. With rolling capacity from 1T to 20T, it is a desirable product for adjusting of huge molds.


  1. Special two plane working tables.
  2. Easy for using and operating.
  3. Safety, reliability and fast.
  4. Compact structure and movement flexible.
  5. Self-lock function.
  6. Multi-speed vector control, smooth and steady.
  7. Turnover at any degree.
  8. Multiple limit protection, security assurance, hard tooth surface industry reduction box.
  9. Chain wheel mechanical drive, chain tension is adjustable.
  10. Strong & stable four wheels.
  11. transmission mechanism box.
  12. Reasonable Adopt independent operation panel.

    Mould tilter
    Mould tilter

Technical data:

Items FZ-03 FZ-06 FZ-10 FZ-15 FZ-30
Max loading 3T 6T 10T 15T 30T
Turn-over speed 50sec±10% 50sec±10% 60sec±10% 80sec±10% 120sec±10%
Transfer mode Double chain/four roller/oblique & worm speed reducer Double chain/four roller/hard tooth-face speed reducer
Ratio 1:286 1:286 1:286 1:286 1:286
Power output 0.75 kw 1.5 kw 2.2 kw 3.7 kw 5.5 kw
Perspective 90℃ 90℃ 90℃ 90℃ 90℃
Power voltage 380V, 50HZ 380V, 50HZ 380V, 50HZ 380V, 50HZ 380V, 50HZ
Working mode Semi-auto/ remote control Semi-auto/ remote control Semi-auto/ remote control Semi-auto/ remote control Semi-auto/remote control